Listed below are a collection of our previous budgets, governance plans, and board of directors minutes.

Former Plans and Budgets

2015-2018 Strategic Plan

2017-2018 Annual Plan

2016-2017 Budget

2016 Strategic Communication Plan

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

AGM 2017 Minutes

Reports and Submissions

Website & Social Media Audit, Winter 2017 (Summary) (Report)

SEED 3rd Party Validation Agreement with PETL (Letter)

Letter to Karen Ludwig, MP (Letter)

Letter to Senator John Wallace (Letter)

2017-2018 Pre-Budget Submission (Report)

Letter to Minister Cathy Rogers, Finance (Letter)

Post-Secondary: The Pathway to Prosperity (English copy) (French copy) (Reference)

2016-17 Pre-Budget Submission (Report)

Strategic Program Review: Letter to Premier Brian Gallant (Letter)

Letter to Minister Victor Boudreau, Strategic Program Review (Letter)

Post-Secondary Education – Strategic Investments for a Better New Brunswick (Report)

Education Works (Report)

2015 Pre-Budget Submission (Report)

Youth Employment Fund: Letter to Minister Francine Landry, PETL (Letter)

Degrees of Prosperity: Attainable Improvements to Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick (Report)

Making Money Work: Targeted Reforms for Post-Secondary Student Financial Aid (Report)

Investing in New Brunswick: A Plan for a Better Future – 2013 Budget Submission (English copy) (French copy)

From Education to Economic Prosperity: Sensible Strategies for New Brunswick’s Future (Report)

Educated Solutions for New Brunswick’s Future: 2011 Budget Submission from the New Brunswick Student Alliance (Report)

Ensuring Access to a Quality Post-Secondary Education System in New Brunswick: Recommendations for the 2010 Election from the New Brunswick Student Alliance (Executive Summary) (English copy) (French copy)

Moving Education Forward: Making Post-Secondary Education a New Brunswick Priority (Report)